Dairy Dream of Albany


Dairy Dream, located on State Road 67 in Albany, Indiana, has been a family-owned business since 1953. We specialize in a wide variety of ice cream treats and food items, including our famous secret recipe Sloppy Joes, Cotton Candy Mt. Dew, Pig’s Dinners, and in-house smoked pulled pork sandwiches. Other favorites include our mouth-watering homemade root beer, ice cream blitzes, and so much more.

We are also available to cater for private functions, we have a birthday club, and we make specialty ice cream cakes for birthdays or other occasions. Please check the pages of our website for details and drop us a note if you have any questions. Or better yet, come on over to the store to say hello and enjoy the food.


Dairy Dream Recognition & Awards:

Muncie Area’s Finest 2005 – Ice Cream store category winner (by Muncie Star Press)

Muncie Area’s Finest 2006 – Ice Cream store category winner (by Muncie Star Press)

Taste of Muncie 2010 – Drink category winner “Homemade Root Beer”

Taste of Muncie 2011 – Drink category winner “Cotton Candy Mountain Dew”

Taste of Muncie 2012 – Food category winner “Homemade Sloppy Joe & Nachos”

Taste of Muncie 2012 – Winner “Best of Show”


Dairy Dream T-Shirst On Sale For $10!

Anytime a customers wears their shirt to the Dairy Dream they get 10% off their order.

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